Florida Farmers Market has changed its name to Dave’s Cafe & Gifts!

Some of you might have noticed that over the last year or so we have been using FFM Cafe & Gifts on Facebook as our main communication to our customers. It happened as a result of Facebook choking back business pages mostly at first. Our Facebook group FFM Cafe & Gift Shop became the best way to reach customers directly. We did what we had to do to stay in touch with you.

Farmers in this area really don’t seem to sell to the public at market here in Paxton like in other areas. Though we are grateful for those farmers and gardeners who tried, we had to shift our focus to other sellers to utilize our outdoor market more regularly. Craft shows became the better service to offer to the public. So we’ve rolled with it, and embraced crafts as the main focus in our outdoor market.

As we soon turn 6 years old, we’ve decided to change our name to better match what we do here everyday, which is serve our area with freshly prepared food and offer a place to shop for high quality gifts. There’s nothing like us for miles, and we want everyone to know without a doubt what we have to offer at first glance. We’ve decided to embrace the name we are known by locally already: “Dave’s Cafe & Gifts” is now our official name! Over the next month or so all things Florida Farmers Market will be transitioned to Dave’s Cafe & Gifts. The menu, product offering, staff, and the phone number will remain the same!

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