Coffee Club

Coffee ClubWe want you to drink high quality coffee daily just like we do, so we’re going to make it easy for you! Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your coffee every day? Let us help you make the dream a reality. Your first step is joining the FFM Cafe Coffee Club!
The Coffee Club is simple and free to join, there are no monthly fees, and we will have a lot of fun learning together how to make great coffee every day! The concept is simple. We will help you figure out your average consumption rate of coffee, you subscribe to the right amount for you and your household, and we help you keep your household in the good stuff rather than the stale grocery store offering. Starting each day with a better cup of coffee can only improve your day, right?
We will meet at FFM Cafe the first Sunday of each month at 2 pm to try different coffees, work on brewing techniques, and set each member up with the right amount of coffee for their household consumption. Then you get to decide how you want your coffee supplied. You can get a month’s worth of coffee all at once, half a month’s worth, get it ground or keep it whole bean. The idea is that our club members will have the right amount of coffee in the right timing to always have fresh coffee for their household. Even better, when you subscribe, you save money!
Members will get other benefits like: bonus swag, free samples, buddy passes, first offerings, and choices on what we order from the roaster. Although we have no idea why you would want to drop your membership, subscriptions are month by month, so no one is over-committed. The Coffee Club is just a way to save money on something that you already buy and get fun bonuses. You will love how easy it is to maintain a higher level of quality coffee in your household simply by getting it from FFM Cafe on a regular basis! It’s all about getting and keeping the freshest, high quality coffee on hand.

Questions? Call Dave Palmer at 850-708-9195 or stop by FFM Cafe to sign up!

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