Home Slice Pizza

I have always had a love for making bread. This pizza dough I have found on FabulousFoods.com by Mitch is by far the best. It’s great. I’ve even stuck it in the fridge over night and used it later. Here’s Mitch’s recipe. Sometimes I roll the crust over and make it with cheese stuffed inside.

I like to make a pesto instead of using pizza sauce. I usually choose fresh basil from the garden, walnuts, and olive oil. You can find basic pesto recipes online. Basically you take your ingredients and chop them in a food processor. Sometimes I substitute the various nuts or herbs for what I have available. I’ve used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and mint before. They’ve all turned out lovely. After making the pesto, apply the paste evenly onto the pizza.

Toppings I love:

eggplant (I usually bake some eggplant for 30 minutes prior to adding them to the pizza.)

black olives

artichoke hearts

sundried tomatoes



mozzarella cheese, freshly grated

Follow Mitch’s instructions for baking and such.

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