Lavender Lemonade

My friend Tasha Brieger owns Hill Country Lavender which is the first, and in my obviously biased opinion, the finest commercial lavender farm in Texas. Her farm is located in Blanco, Texas which is also home to the annual two day Lavender Festival. You can also buy Tasha’s Lavender at my online herbal pharmacy

With such a close friend that has a lavender farm, you want to support them and come up with ways to use their product. One such way I enjoy is using it in lemonade…

Lavender Lemonade

Items needed:

6 lemons,

1/2 cup sugar, or two spoonfuls of Stevia spoonable sweetner

1 tablespoon lavender

enough water to make a gallon


Boil 2 cups of water. When it comes to a boil, add the lavender, turn off the burner, cover a let it sit. If you are going to add sugar, do it now while the water is hot. Stir until sugar is dissolved, strain lavender and pore into glass pitcher once cooled.

Juice the lemons. Add the juice to a glass pitcher with the lavender mixture. Add enough water to make a gallon. Sweeten to your taste.

*We added “sugar in the raw” to our lemonade, which made the color brownish. You can add purple food coloring if you want a light purple color to be festive.

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