Oh The Dust!

Well, there is a lot of work to do now that we are actually under construction…

The floors, baseboards, surfaces… basically everything, has a generous covering of dust! Many hours were spent today wielding a vacuum cleaner and dusting wand. Next, I’ll be mopping until the cows come home it seems. I didn’t have enough daylight today to take photos, but I will as soon as I can do so. I have a lot more work to do tomorrow, so don’t worry… There is plenty of dust to photograph, haha!

Aside from the dusty decor, I believe that the floors in the market look very nice, and I am happy to have such nice things to pose my retail space upon. It’s nice to have such a modern looking space for the indoor market and café areas. Heather and I are itching to have the place clean so that we can move the shelving we bought (a little too soon) out of our living room and into the market. I’m cleaning now, so when we move our kitchen equipment in, we won’t have to clean around it as much. At least it’s just dust and not something much harder to clean up!

We were included in a front page article this week in our local paper, so I’m ready for everybody who didn’t know that the farmers market was in the works to ask me a million questions. I ran into one of Paxton School’s teachers today when I was buying cleaning supplies. She said that she is really excited and that the other teachers would be too. Good news for everyone… We’ll be open and well established by the time school is back in session!

Construction permits are next… then we can REALLY get started!

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