Status Update

Howdy partners! Sorry, I needed a little gitty-up-n-go this morning!

I’m sure you are all wondering the same thing (as I get asked this every day), “When are you going to open?” The answer is, “Soon.” More specifically, as soon as we can get everything up to specs to pass an inspection and get a Certificate of Occupancy. It’s been a slow moving process and more construction and repairs than I can even remember at this point. To serve the public in a new venture, there are a lot of rules and regulations that must be followed! Gone are the days of just setting up, getting a business license, and opening the doors. Now you must do a lot more work and be inspected multiple times by multiple agencies, etc, etc.

I can assure you that no day goes by without us working on the farmers market in some way, and we are working hard (often day and night) to get the building and grounds ready for the public to come and visit us. We thank you for your patience and eagerness to check us out, and we look forward to serving you soon! (I’m shooting for 9/1, but we’ll just have to see.) Local farmers, if you have any crop ready to harvest, please contact me at 850-708-9195.


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