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Floridian (or Hawaiian) Tuna Sandwich

So Dave and I tried something new the other day. It’s a new twist on a tuna sandwich:

Floridian (or Hawaiian) Tuna Sandwich

Mix the following Ingredients:

2 small cans of tuna, drained

1 large can of pineapple crushed, drained

1 cup shredded carrots

Mayo consistency to your liking

Cheddar cheese to top if you wish.


While Dave and I like it, we do both admit that this is:

A) Kid food

B) Something you make when you have nothing else in your cabinets.



Two Southern Sandwiches: Tomato Sandwich and Pineapple Sandwich

Today I decided that a nice southern tomato sandwich would hit the spot. Dave and Tank agreed so we spent lunch at my mom’s enjoying some local flavorful tomatoes.

There is nothing more savory to my taste buds on a summer afternoon then a locally grown tomato sandwich.

Dave informed us (my mom and I) that he was going to put ham on his tomato sandwich.

My mother, the transplanted yankee, quickly put him in his place and told him his sandwich would no longer be classified as a “tomato sandwich” if he did that. She then asked him if he had ever had a pineapple sandwich.

“Oh sure,” Dave replied.

My mom shuddered. She thinks pineapple sandwiches is gross. Maybe its because she was pregnant at the time I started asking for them. I do have to thank my childhood friend Jasmine for introducing me to pineapple sandwiches during our lunch breaks all those afternoons I spent at her house searching for rolly pollies under cement blocks in her backyard.

I have decided through swapped stories that you are not a true Alabama Southerner if you have never had a tomato sandwich or a pineapple sandwich. The recipes for either are simple, and will make any true Alabama Southern child happy, or any adult daydream about being a child again.

Southern Alabama Tomato Sandwich:

2 pieces of “flat bread” as it is called in my Granny’s  house  (sandwich bread, usually white in most households)


1 thinly sliced homegrown tomato

salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Assemble sandwich. Its important to salt and pepper your tomatoes to get the full flavor the tomatoes have to offer.


Southern Alabama Pineapple Sandwich:

2 pieces of “flat bread” as it is called in my Granny’s  house  (sandwich bread, usually white in most households)


1 can crushed pineapple, pressed, drained of liquid -or else you’ll have a soggy sandwich (some people say there use sliced pineapple, but we are a fan of the crushed in my family.)

Directions: Assemble sandwich. Eat immediately. Do not pack this ahead of time for school lunch or a picnic. You’ll be sorry and your kids will have a soggy mess on their hands.