What’s new? LOTS!

At FFM Cafe we strive to be different. Most of you are probably thinking, “Y’all don’t have to try that hard! *snicker*”, and you would be correct. We are sometimes just plain weird, but that’s not a bad thing! Feel free to blame Dave… He’s used to it.

Speaking of Dave… He has been tinkering with the menu lately, and some delicious combinations have come from it. Enter: Chicken Pancetta Ciabatta! It’s a mouth-watering combination of grilled Italian chicken, grilled onions, crispy thick-cut bacon, melty monterey jack cheese, all piled high on a rustic Italian ciabatta loaf. It may be hard to say, but its name isn’t the only thing that makes it a mouth-full.

Keeping in the chicken mode of things, the “Summer Snow” salad was added to the menu due to its extreme popularity during the Christmas in July promotion. It’s just called “Grilled Chicken Salad” on the menu now, and it is exactly the same aside from an improvement in the preparation of the chicken. It’s now marinated to keep it moist and delicious even after a little grill treatment… Mmmmm!

We also expanded our breakfast menu to include sausage. Just say “no” to rubbery, hard, hockey-puck-like patties! Our sausage is tender and tasty like it ought to be. Coupled with scrambled eggs and real cheddar cheese on our buttermilk biscuits, you will find our hot breakfast hard to beat at a price you can afford. Forget the heat lamps at the fast food joints and gas stations. You deserve to have your breakfast prepared fresh for you!

Haleigh and Dave have been mixing it up in the kitchen and creating milkshakes you can’t find elsewhere. Next time you are in, check out our new milkshakes: Root Beer or Orange Creamsicle. Our milkshakes are made from hand-dipped real ice cream and flavored with real ingredients rather than sugary syrups and powders in soft-serve. Old fashioned, yes. Outstanding, also yes.

Coming soon… We will be breaking out the barista skills and whipping up lattes and cappuccinos reminding Paxton that you don’t have to drive out of town to get a gourmet coffee drink. Get ready!

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