Southern Muscadine (Scuppernogg) Jelly


Living in the hot and humid south eastern US has one perk in August: Scuppernoggs almost ripe and ready to be picked. I grew up calling this southern grape scuplin, but the proper name for it is muscadine.

The week before my baby was born last year I went out to a friend’s vine and picked a cooler full of scuppernoggs that were so ripe, they fell into my hands when I touched them.

The day before my son was born, I made 24 jars of jelly. Thus, my mom refers to this batch as “Nesting Jelly.”

I used a recipe from PickYourOwn.Org . I recommend using their site for instructions, as they are very detailed.

The basic instructions for making jelly are:

1) put your scuppernoggs in the food processor, pulverize them.
2) Cook the grapes.
3) Strain the juice from the grapes.
4) Cook the juice with sugar and Sure-Gel
5) Jar

For cute labels, Check out Jessica Jones’ of HowAboutOrange’s label download. I printed them on a sheet of card stock, cut them into circles, and used my sticker maker to make them adhesive.

If you live in a region that is sadly without scuppernongs, you can find some jelly to send from our farmers’ market here in Paxton!

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